Loving Kindness Care Solutions (LKCS) is devoted to assisting caregivers/ families with  personalized care plans for their loved one’s long term care needs. Our mission is to provide guidance and practical solutions that align with the caregiver’s current needs to care for loved ones with long term chronic illnesses or special needs. 

Loving Kindness Care Solutions (LKCS) is built on love, compassion, honesty, feasibility and dignity for each client as caring for someone is individualized based on the patient’s current condition, family dynamics and support system.

The vision of LKCS is to provide customized care plans to as many caregivers as possible, in order to optimize their loved ones’ quality of life.

Based on my personal experience caring for my mother with Alzheimer’s, diabetes and heart disease, I understand that the demands of caregiving can become overwhelming. Navigating the healthcare system and insurance companies is very complicated and confusing. I am also aware that choosing care for a loved one is emotional and not a one-size fits all. My company will serve as a supporter, educator, advocate, and liaison to help others get the most appropriate care and services for their loved ones.

“Brenda has been instrumental in helping my family navigate the overwhelming amount of information regarding my father’s Dementia treatment. Allowing us to focus on his quality life and health”.

Brenda M.

“Dear Brenda, I want to thank you for being such a wonderful resource for my family with navigating the complicated and emotionally draining process of finding elder care services for my mother. You were thorough and patient with the endless questions that we asked you regarding my mother’s dementia and declining health. The process of obtaining a caregiver and benefits would have been much more difficult and overwhelming if we didn’t have you as a resource. You provided clarity and understanding and offered options we were not aware existed and we are very grateful for it. My mom turned 87 yesterday, she is healthy and well cared for. Thank you again”.

Milena C. O.